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The Barber Space 

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

The Barber Space was created to get barbers and stylist to connect with each other, mainly for upcoming hairshows and education events. Let's say that you live in Maryland while there is someone who lives in Delaware looking to attend IBS New York, the hotel rates are sky high so why not link together and get the hotel room to lower your cost and also if you're driving how about carpooling. This is next level networking with like minded people, not just the people that you work with but with new people who are excited about learning new techniques, business development and more.

Also depending upon the area of which some hairshows are taking place, Airbnb's would be an acceptable option. The Barber Space is a tremendous way to connect not only for hairshows but also learning how to get health insurance, keep up with your taxes, credit help, tips on purchasing property and more. This industry has no cap on what you can do, make the most of it.

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