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Health Insurance 

Many people sat around and thought to themselves "Why do I need insurance?", well the fact is you are going to need it at some point in time. As barber and stylist, we need our bodies at its peak point while we are servicing our clients. Who wants to sit your chair while you are sneezing, sniffling, continually excusing yourself to run to the bathroom to blow your nose or take some cough syrup to try to suppress whatever it is you had. That client is thinking "Please don't let me catch whatever they got, I'm just here to get my service.".

Most barbers and stylist think that health insurance is to high, but in this industry you are making money and paying for health insurance isn't detrimental to your income. In fact, just add everything that you pay for throughout the week from lunch to buying supplies. You definitely pay your rent/mortgage, car note, car insurance, booth rent at your shop/salon if you're not on commission and so on.

You want to keep yourself in great health. Check out Wilma V. Aponte with US Health Advisors at or email her at and she be able to guide you as a barber or stylist what would be great for you.

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